Software Development Life Cycle Models and Methodologies

Mohamed Sami


The software industry includes many different processes, for example, analysis, development, maintenance and publication of software. This industry also includes software services, such as training, documentation, and consulting.

Our focus here about software development life cycle (SDLC). So, due to that different types of projects have different requirements. Therefore, it may be required to choose the SDLC phases according to the specific needs of the project. These different requirements and needs give us various software development approaches to choose from during software implementation.

Types of Software developing life cycles (SDLC)

· Waterfall Model

· V-Shaped Model

· Evolutionary Prototyping Model

· Spiral Method (SDM)

· Iterative and Incremental Method

· Extreme programming (Agile development)

Waterfall Model


The waterfall Model is a linear sequential flow. In which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases of software implementation…

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Benchmarks show notable differences between iPad Pro models, but similar real-life performance — 9to5Mac

AnandTech doesn’t rush its product reviews, but their in-depth nature means they are always worth waiting for. Having gotten around to posting its review of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the system performance section in particular makes for interesting reading. more…Filed under: iOS Devices Tagged: iPad Pro, iPad Pro benchmarks, iPad Pro performance

via Benchmarks show notable differences between iPad Pro models, but similar real-life performance — 9to5Mac

Once upon a trail…

This is actually my Second time to Race but first timer for this event…. The Trail 2016 Is Roughly 35km With Over 900m Of Climbing In The Mountains Of San Mateo, Rizal. Most Of It Is Singletrack, Much Of It Technical. The Course Is Roughly The Same As Last Year’s Trail 1500, Though We’ve Added Obstacles And Options.

 These ‘A-lines’ (obstacles) and ‘B-lines’ (options) were added in line with global trends in cross country racing to encourage riders to improve skills as well as fitness. Obstacles include drops and rough sections which require a high level of technical skill to clear, and we strongly advice doing them in practice first to avoid crashing during the race for everyone but pro-level riders. Most racers will take the B-lines, or options, that go around these obstacles but take a longer route (approximately a minute). The organizer reserves the right to make changes to these obstacles in the interest of safety.
 It’s a tough, epic race that took the average racer last year 3.5 hours to finish – and over a hundred didn’t finish (though 1,100 did).


The Course Starts And Ends Near The Timberland Gate, Extending To Pintong Bocaue. This Is The Latest Version, But Some Tracks Are Still Being Worked On And Are Subject To Change. At Present, It Is Approximately 35km Long With 920m Of Climbing. Most Of It Is On Singletrack, Much Of It Is Technical.

Hydration Stations Are At Start/Finish, Kms 8 (End Of Blue Zone), 17.5 (Near Pineda Gate), 25 (Boom Before Sapinit Climb), And 26 (Chapel).

Cutoff Point Is On Top Of Nursery Climb, 5 Hours After Your Wave’s Start (I.E. 7:00am Start = 12:00pm Cutoff, 7:20am Start = 12:20pm Cutoff).

Unfortunately I DID NOT FINISHED the race because of the Cutoff time..!!!

See yeah Next Year…


“Playwright” vs. “Playwrite”

It's Kind of a Long Story

(This is a revised version of a post that was first published in October 2009.  I went back and changed some stuff so it sounded better.)

*  *  *  *  *

Playwright.“play”, from the Saxon “plega“, meaning “recreation”; and “wright,” from the Old English “wryhta“, meaning “worker.”  First recorded use of word: 1687.

I am a compulsive word-use-corrector, a ruthless proofreader, a highly-critical grammar snob.  Anyone who has ever made the mistake of asking me to edit a paper for them can verify that this is true.  I love my red proofreading pen with an unhealthy passion.  While it’s partly because I’m a judgmental pain in the ass, it’s also because I’m a giant etymology geek.  I love words (certainly I use a lot of them) and I find them really interesting.  Which is why the word “playwright” fascinates me.  It drives me bonkers when…

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Google Wallet Goes International: Gmail P2P Money Transfer Now Live In The UK, Silent On Payments


Google Wallet — the search giant’s payments business that competes against PayPal and Apple Pay, among others — is today taking its first step outside of the U.S., in the form of money transfers. Users in the UK will now be able to send money to each other by way of an “attachment” in Gmail. Google tells us that the feature should be live today for 10-20% of Gmail users in the UK, rolling out over the next several days and available to everyone by Monday.

Google confirms to us that this is the only Google Wallet service that is rolling out today in the UK, or anywhere else, for that matter.

In other words, no sign of when Google might launch point-of-sale services, where users can use a Google Wallet app on iOS or an Android device to pay for items sold by participating merchants.

Some skeptics think Google…

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