Little Grey Box

Waiting in line for a much-needed coffee, I casually struck up a conversation with one of the lovely baristas working at the cafe. Somehow our chat prompted me to mention I work from home, which led her to ask what I do for a living. As I explained I work as a travel and freelance writer, the woman standing next to me piped up, “Well, that’s easy. Anyone could do that.”

In the seconds after she spoke, a number of things raced through my mind… most of them were very mean. I took one of the most painfully deep breaths I could, mustered up a polite smile and, turning away from her, grabbed my coffee and left. I was outraged! Later, relaying this story to close friends, I was met with the tried and true advice of, “Sweetie, she’s just jealous.”

I couldn’t seem to shake the annoyance though and putting it…

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