Whether you’re a fresh graduate, a seasoned employee or a newly-wed couple, where to settle for good is always a serious decision you have to make for your life. More often than not, the choice is drawn by the lure of better career opportunities and higher standard of living for yourself and your family.

While many choose to settle in the urban city like Manila, many young professionals are enticed to settle abroad for the same reasons. However we look at it, building a career and starting a family in a place away from your loved ones and friends is always a challenging yet a thrilling experience.10441193_10152361681973110_8483552445588909693_n

Loraine Anne Rabago and Leo Celino take something fresh out from the closet as they share their journey towards taking chances and finding their place in a foreign land; alongside with the challenges of starting a family and rearing a young human being…

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