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I love korean music. From 2NE1 to Super Junior, love ko sila pati ang music. Kpop offers new sounds to the world, far from the regular pop and rap songs that western people love and the love acoustic sound that Filipino listen to. Alam ko na kahit di natin siya naiintindihan eh tumitila tayo deep inside for them. This is the first time i encountered this band Got 7, their second mini album entitled Got ❤️(Love). Korean artist yata ang nagpauso dito sa mga mini album na yan. Hahaha! This album features dance, r&b and dance songs that you will surely love. Medyo di lang siya kagaya ng Super Junior na super dance kapag naglalabas ng songs. Tracks like A, Got Love and yung third track na korean yung title are nice to hear. Also this album features acoustics and two other remixes for the song “A”.

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